Creating magical clothing for happy children, sustainably!


Meet the people making Spellbound magic!

netherlands-63 copy2 Kristi Kuusk

Ideation & drive.

“With Spellbound we try to change the way clothing is produced and used. We implement exciting and magical textile developments (smart textiles) to bring value back to traditional textiles.”

Mirjam Laater

Illustrations & co-drive.

“For an artist, Spellbound opens up a whole new way of interacting through garments and textiles we wear in our day to day life. Walk around with your very own secret. Teach your kids there are hidden stories in everything, if you just look close enough.”

tatiana Tatiana von Beelen

Illustrations & visual identity.

“Designing for Spellbound, I get the feeling that I work in the future. This project gives a designer a whole new perspective on the technological possibilities that are not very present on the market yet but are, actually, already well developed.”

maria Maria Evestus


“I am strongly drawn to the idea of visual storytelling in any form. I love vintage fairytale illustrations, sacral art, surrealism… art forms that aim to connect the viewer with their deeper psyche, while also being decorative and pleasing to look at. Spellbound designs give static visuals another secret layer, which really adds magic to these little stories.”