Creating magical clothing for happy children, sustainably!


Story from a mum: Ela’s first owl t-shirt

When I first started to explore the idea of creating magical storytelling T-shirts for children, I made some prototypes and sent them around to some friends, who could try them out and let me know the feedback about the user experience. Here is a story that I received now, a year later, when the child finally grew into the "right" size! 🙂 "Ela got her “magic” transforming t-shirt when she was born a year ago. She has recently grown up to it and we were so curious to try it on. It was a nice sunny day in the Czech ...
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Our Stories!

Spellbound started from a small gift for a friend to capture gratitude, creativity and a story. I wanted to thank a group of amazing people who helped me to move from what-had-become-a-home in Eindhoven in The Netherlands, forward to my next adventures in Estonia, Tallinn. So, I made some white tote bags, that would magically show bikes, trees, flowers, and other nature in daylight and stars in the darkness to send as presents to dear friends. Everyone got a tote with a story! I was curious to learn that also they experienced extraordinary adventures with the bag and changing stories! ...
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(video) Making off: Spellbound tote bag

If you ever wondered how our tote bags are made, here is a short video to show that process! We start by gathering the suitable material from a factory left-over, end of the roll and similar textiles. We cut them into the desired pattern and silk-screen print the images on them by hand. After that, we sew them by using industrial sewing and overlocking machines. And Voila, there you have a durable magic tote bag for everyday errands! ...
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The story of Spellbound

Spellbound manifests in itself our attempt to improve the textile and garment industry ways of working. With these products, we’d like to see in practice whether it’s possible to shape the future fashion consumption towards sustainability through the introduction of new materials. The items are developed and produced from pre-consumer waste, such as natural factory left over fabrics in Estonia. With the dynamic stories, we introduce a place of educational play, where children can influence the storyline.. for example, the owl that is asleep during the day (light environment) - wakes up - if the child moved to a dark ...
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