Creating magical clothing for happy children, sustainably!


Spellbound is an Estonian-based brand for conscious magic-lovers. The products are designed to shape the future fashion consumption towards sustainability. The items are developed and produced in Estonia. Spellbound explores new sustainable directions in textile and garment design. Simple textile items get interesting twists by the implementation of technology and innovative concepts. Spellbound stands for global knowledge and ideas while using high-quality locally sourced left-over materials and ethical principals for production.

We support sustainability in garment design by using left-over natural materials as the starting point for our product design. We introduce and promote the made-to-order business model in garment design to minimize the over-production and pre-consumer waste. Spellbound’s items are produced (from fabric to finalized garment) locally in Estonia (Europe) following ethics and high-quality standards. We value these sustainability grounds above seasonal fashion colors and fast-changing styles.

We love hidden stories and magic about and in the Spellbound garments. We communicate the textile story from the fabric to the final piece to raise the public awareness. We create surprising dynamic stories on the garments through color-changing materials. The owls start to fly in the night, the animals’ eyes shine in the night forest etc.

Spellbound stretches the borders of what garments can do to give them back their traditionally higher value. Join us to support sustainability, ethical production, magic and innovative routes in garments life cycle.

In Spellbound’s first series of products for Autumn/Winter, Glow-in-the-dark stories come to life on sustainable garments made from left-over fabrics from Estonian companies. The items are produced in Estonia and illustrated by artists based in Estonia and the Netherlands.

We hope you enjoy the journey towards a more sustainable garment design with us! 😉