Creating magical clothing for happy children, sustainably!

Our Stories!

Our Stories!

Spellbound started from a small gift for a friend to capture gratitude, creativity and a story. I wanted to thank a group of amazing people who helped me to move from what-had-become-a-home in Eindhoven in The Netherlands, forward to my next adventures in Estonia, Tallinn.
So, I made some white tote bags, that would magically show bikes, trees, flowers, and other nature in daylight and stars in the darkness to send as presents to dear friends. Everyone got a tote with a story! I was curious to learn that also they experienced extraordinary adventures with the bag and changing stories! That made me think further – how to bring this joy to more people? How to do it in a way that wouldn’t create more and more textile trash into the world. I decided to look into left-over materials from local sewing factories. And this is how the children line started! Connecting magic stories and sustainability!

Anyway, this all was to encourage you to please send us your stories & experiences with Spellbound!


Hanne gone-with-the-wind with one of our prototypes! The bike on her bag is visible only in sunlight (even on a cloudy day)! Thanks for the pics Hanneke! — at Vondelpark Amsteram!
Marion:  “The glowing print in the dark really makes for fantastic conversation and makes the bag really lovable.” – at United Kingdom
On a sunny beach Sunday Jesus was trying out one of our prototypes made especially for him – a plain white tote bag made from factory left-over materials. The Sun brought out the ? bicycle on it! – at The Hague!














Kärt uses her UV-sensitive bag to run everyday errands. It can fit the groceries, training grear, photo camera, beach towel etc..etc.. — at Tallinn, Estonia.






















Big hugs and enormous gratitude to all friends and family believing and supporting Spellbound so lovingly!