Creating magical clothing for happy children, sustainably!

The story of Spellbound

The story of Spellbound

Spellbound manifests in itself our attempt to improve the textile and garment industry ways of working.

With these products, we’d like to see in practice whether it’s possible to shape the future fashion consumption towards sustainability through the introduction of new materials.
The items are developed and produced from pre-consumer waste, such as natural factory left over fabrics in Estonia.

With the dynamic stories, we introduce a place of educational play, where children can influence the storyline.. for example, the owl that is asleep during the day (light environment) – wakes up – if the child moved to a dark room, switches off the light etc.

Since Spellbound is distributed as a garment brand, we have feedback from Real people in their Real lives to understand better the potential of such storytelling clothing for children.

We are trying to “hack” the fashion system by fully using left-over materials, implementing dynamic educational stories, and by making a collection that doesn’t renew each season but grows character by character as a story in time.

We hope you enjoy the story with us!